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Exclusive NFT Airdrop for PALM ISPO Participants

Exclusive NFT Airdrop for PALM ISPO Participants

Participants who stake their ADA to the PALM pools for a duration of 15 epochs or more, will receive an exclusive NFT airdrop, granting them early access to the WL Cardano IDO.

The NFT Airdrop Explained

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets verified on the blockchain. For PALM’s dedicated community, an exclusive NFT has been crafted not just as a digital collectible but as a key to early access for the WL Cardano IDO.

Why Reward ISPO Participants with an NFT?

Our decision to offer this NFT is a testament to its commitment to its community. It’s a special acknowledgment for those who believe in PALM’s mission and are backing its journey through the ISPO. By staking ADA to our pools, participants are directly fueling the project’s growth. The NFT is a unique emblem of their early support and trust in the initiative.

How to Secure the NFT Airdrop?

Getting involved is simple:

  • Stake more than 1,000 ADA to one of the PALM1 & PALM2 pools.
  • Ensure your ADA remains staked for at least 15 epochs.
  • After the staking duration, the NFT will be airdropped directly to participants’ wallets.
Utility of the NFT

While many NFTs are valued for their rarity or artistic appeal, the PALM NFT has a distinct utility: it grants holders early access to the WL Cardano IDO. This means that NFT holders will be among the first to participate in this exciting phase of the project. Beyond this utility, the NFT can be cherished as a collectible or a token of participation in the ISPO, marking a user’s early involvement in PALM’s journey and giving participants an OG Role in our discord community. More information around the Cardano IDO will come on a later date in Q1 2024.


Even though the NFTs are tradeable and a secondary market can be created, we are going to be keeping a record of the staking addresses that got the NFT airdrop – so when the WL time comes, you’ll be requested to provide both proof of the NFT and the staking address that you received the NFT.